RIKA Pellet Stoves



Quality Stoves from RIKA

RIKA produces about 12,000 stoves a year.

  • Austrian market leader
  • 15 years of pellet stove manufacturing
  • Expertise in several markets for years
  • Recommended as best quality stoves in the markets by many retailers

Space heater and Water Heating System

  • Modern innovative design.
  • Patented air quantity control.
  • Highest efficiency, without the use of space air fans.
  • Higher efficiency compared to competitive products.
  • Auger/rotary seal transports the right amount of pellets to the combustion chamber according to the demand.
  • High reliability.
  • All components i.e. Ceramic priming cartridge fulfils highest quality standards.
  • Life: Only top quality components are used which increases the actual life.
  • Low in noise level.
  • Longer service intervals.

Specials features of Water heating Systems

    • 85 % of the output goes to the central heating.
    • As far as the water system heating stoves are concerned, experience has shown that the ratio of water-to-space heating is very important. Stoves often have a share of 60/40 or even of 50/50, i.e. if the output is 12 KW, up to 6 KW will go into the room where the stove is installed. Since only 3 KW is normally required, too much energy is delivered to the room (and subsequently vented, due to discomfort, leading to waste & inefficiency).
    • New 9kW function.
    • Convenience: The automatic grating ash removal allows longer heating operation without manual cleaning of the combustion chamber.
    • Option of connecting an automatic feeding system.

RIKA Appliances . . .


Rika; We recently took delivery of a Tavo Aqua, the new log fired boiler stove, which has gasifying combustion technology and hence superior efficiency to conventional woodstoves with heat exchangers integral to the firebox.

We displayed this alongside an Evo Aqua and Memo in the ‘Green Horizons’ section of the Smallholders and Garden Festival at the Royal Welsh showground at Builth Wells on 18/19th May 2007.

The Tavo Aqua is designed to link with a thermal store (or buffer tank) and could couple up with solar thermal panels to meet all the heating requirements of a well insulated2/3 bedroom house, built to current standards or a larger one built to near passivhaus standards. The principle being that 4-5 hours of full combustion during each long winter evening would deliver enough stored energy to provide automatically controlled heating and hot water for the remaining periods of each 24hr day.


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