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Beacon Stoves

Beacon Stoves

More heat, Less fuel
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Jøtul manufactures and markets cast iron stoves and fireplaces with focus on quality, timeless design, consumer-friendly benefits and the highest level of safety.

Jøtul offers a complete range of both traditional and contemporary stoves and fireplaces. Based on traditions in Norwegian craftsmanship, high quality and consistent use of good design.

LONG LASTING – Jøtul woodstoves first appeared in Newcastle Emlyn in the 1970’s. Introduced from Norway by Simon Thorpe, they were sold in their hundreds across the UK, particularly to countryside dwellers & farmers who realised the savings to be made burning their own logs. This is just as relevant today.

Many of these original Jøtul stoves are still providing reliable comfortable heating – parts & servicing being available from Beacon Stoves.

Worldwide research has shown that the average life expectancy of a Jøtul woodstove is 40 years! – proving that it can pay to buy a heavy duty quality product, rather than a succession of lighter alternatives.

You can view our range of Jotul products in our online shop.



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